Tuesday, May 22, 2018

Exiles, Transformations, and Sexy Monster Girls coming up!


First up is the dark fantasy novel HIPPOCAMPUS with co-author Phillip Velasquez.  Two SCUBA divers run afoul of a mysterious sea sorceress and face decades of slavery transformed into something decidedly non human.  The prose for this is finished, and we're just waiting on getting the cover together for it.

Also in the works is RIVER OF DREAMS, the seventh novel in the epic FANTASY ENVOY EROTICA series.  Tobias is joined in his voyage along the continent-spanning river by Drazat, a demented sot of a wizard, and Ezmi, a cynical halfling courtesan hired by Drazat as their traveling sex toy.  Only things take a dire turn as old adversaries rear their ugly reptilian heads...

I've been putting together collections/bundles of books lately, with one more coming: the MONSTER GIRL EROTICA SAMPLER PACK.  It will be a collection of four erotica novels to let a reader get a sampling from different such stories of mine.  It will include the first HOT GOBLIN GIRLS, the first HOT DINO GIRLS, HOT MARTIAN GIRLS, and 100 POTIONS, plus a new short story, "Unicorn Glade."  I published 'Unicorn Glade' online before, but the last time it was posted was over a decade ago, and this will be its first time officially 'published' in an actual book.

And I do plan on eventually collecting together all the 'exclusive' short stories from each collection in their own anthology, once enough of them accumulate to make that worthwhile.

Also coming up will be the anthologies WORLDS OF TRANSFORMATION, which will probably be two volumes.  All my collaborations with Phil Velasquez started off with me doing story commissions for him, and these will collect all those shorter works.

Before the end of the year, I also want to get to HOT GOBLIN GIRLS 5 and HOT DINO GIRLS 5, but I also want to do one or two original erotica works before I dive back into those series.  As things stand right now, that will either be HOT PIRATE GIRLS or PALOMA'S HOUSE, or both.

In between all that I want to finally put out paperback editions of THE SHATTERED SKY as well as all the collected books I've put out lately.

Down the line, I plan on eventually doing two sequels to ICE AGE HEAT.  I had wanted to continue things with that story, but was kind of stuck past a certain point.  But I worked through that now and am pretty confident I have enough for at least two more books.  I plan on being a WRITING BEAST for as long as I can sustain it, so hopefully I can get to that early next year.  But given reality, and especially how the real world has been fucking with me the past half year, I can't make any guarantees when any of this is going to get done, really.

Wednesday, March 14, 2018

Battling Bursitis This Week

 Blearg.  Over the weekend, I developed some tendonitis in my right knee, which swelled up the joint.  That would have been bad enough, but then I banged my swollen knee on the cane I've been using to hobble around, and bam, got hit by a bit of bursitis too.  I'll recover, obviously.  This isn't the first time I've been through something like this. But holey moley is this painful at times.  Even worse than the chest pains I had back in December, and that was from a 'minor' heart blockage.
Obviously, this means there are going to be more delays on things, at least until the pain quiets down enough so I can properly concentrate on things again.  But hopefully this clears up soon. 

Wednesday, March 7, 2018

New Updates 3/18

I am currently working heavily on a bunch of book- and writing-related projects. As such, I likely won't be able to update on Patreon, DA, or other sites for the next month or so as much as I have been doing, especially artwork. However, my Patreon patrons will still be able to get a bunch of sneak peaks at ongoing manuscripts and cover art in progress, plus I will still be doing sketches for fun just to unwind.

But on the plus side, it should mean more books more quickly from me, which I assume most people are contributing to my Patreon for in the first place. First up is AQUARIUM BLUES, then THE COLLECTED HOT DRAGON GIRLS Volume 2 with an exclusive short story, then the paperback of THE COLLECTED HOT DRAGON GIRLS Volume 1, all hopefully by the end of the month.

After that will be the first WORLDS OF TRANSFORMATION anthology, THE COLLECTED HOT GOBLIN GIRLS and the HOT ORC GIRLS collection. The latter will collect my Orc-themed erotica novels, including The Virgin Orc's First Kiss, Deep Delve, and Moonfire's Busty Curse. Both volumes will also feature an exclusive original short story.

Those short stories for the collected volumes will be available only to those books AND to my patrons on Patreon!

Later in the year, expect to see paperback versions of the collected volumes, plus brand new works like WORLD OF TRANSFORMATION VOLUME 2, HOT PIRATE GIRLS, PALOMA'S HOUSE, HOT GOBLIN GIRLS 5, and RIVER OF EXILES (Fantasy Envoy Volume 7.) So stay tuned!

Plus, follow me on Twitter! Just got back into it and am trying to build up my audience there.


Thursday, February 1, 2018

On Twitter Again

My Twitter handle:  @plucas1000

I somewhat reluctantly reactivated my old Twitter account and want to give it a go again.  The account is mostly there to promote my books and artwork, though I imagine I'll tweet fun stuff I may find or do as well, like I do with my journals/blog posts.  I did try out Twitter back in 2013, and was less impressed with it as both a platform and as a promotional tool, so I stopped using it after a month or two.  But much to my surprise and chagrin, it's stuck around and is more popular than ever.  So I might as well use it if I can.

So follow me and I'll follow you, and all that stuff, as long as you aren't using your account to promote something really objectionable.  Twitter handle above.

I also plan on starting a bunch of various promotional efforts this month.  I'm sure some, or even most, probably won't work out, but I do want to do more raw promotional stuff in the future to reach more fans and readers.  If anyone has any suggestions along those lines, especially if it doesn't cost a whole lot of money, I'll certainly be willing to listen.


Tuesday, January 30, 2018

Sweetness And Lightning Anime

A great little anime series I just recently wrapped up watching, and thought I'd share.

This 12-episode slice-of-life series came out in 2016.  It's about this young high school teaching assistant Kohei who lost his wife six months before, and has to raise their 5-year-old daughter Tsumugi on his own.  He does his best, but their busy schedule and his cooking lack of skill means the pair often relies on instant foods and take out to get by.  Kohei worries his daughter isn't eating right.

Then one day they meet Kotori, a high school senior in Kohei's class, and through various circumstances she invites them back to her family's small cafe-restaurant.  Kotori's mom is always busy with work, and the family restaurant is mostly closed, which saddens her.  So the three of them strike a deal; Kohei and Tsumugi will come over once in a while to eat with Kotori.  This way, Kohei learns to cook, Tsumugi gets some decent meals, and Kotori can breath some life back into the restaurant that was a big part of her childhood.

That's pretty much what constitutes the 'plot' for the show.  There are some minor dramas, like Tsumugi dealing with a mean girl in kindergarden or the dad struggling with a homemade recipe.  They always end up at the restaurant, where the show shows detailed instructions for cooking a particular dish, and then they have a delicious meal together.  That's it.   And holy crap is it an addictive, feel good kind of show.

I am not a fan of slice of life show, usually.   But this one has such great characters and a deceptively simple but appealing premise that it sucked me right in. The big strength is in the two main characters, the father and daughter, and their relationship.  Kohei is a befuddled, hard working, slightly nerdy dad, but his devotion to his daughter is never in doubt, even when he may have to yell at her and scold her.  Tusmugi, for her part, is a sweet but believable child character.  She's mostly well behaved, but there are time she throws tantrum or misbehaves or does stupid things because hey, she's 5 years old.

Kotori, the high school student, is a bit introverted but very well-meaning and warms up once she gets to know the Kohei and Tsumugi.  In most other shows, they'd play up the potential romance between her and Kohei, and though there are very broad subtle hints that may be where things go eventually, the show isn't concerned with that.  For the anime, she's still very much a student and he a teacher; they never go beyond being friends and if they bond over anything it's in cooking for Tsumugi.  It was a nice change of pace, actually.

The only real downside is that there are only 12 episodes.  The manga it's based on is still ongoing, but it needs to get some more chapters under its belt before it has enough material to adopt into a season 2.  But even if we don't get new episodes, I'm still very satisfied with the show.  It's a great optimistic and warm pick me up kind of series thats eems to be a real hidden treasure.

Thursday, January 18, 2018

New WORLDS OF TRANSFORMATION Anthologies In The Works!

A project long on the backburner is finally moving forward.

Back in the late 2000s and early 2010s, I did a bunch of story commissions for Phillip Velasquez, who was also my co-author for books such as DRYAD and SELKIE.  After I began doing ebooks, we talked about publishing those stories in the form of one or more anthologies.  However, Phil ran into some medical problems and contact between us was rather infrequent over the next few years.

However, recently things seemed to have cleared up for Phil, at least to the point that we're in regular communication again.  And we've been working steadily in clearing the way for the anthologies once again.  We are going to put up one stand alone book, AQUARIUM BLUES, then launch into the anthologies.

The stories almost exclusively focus on on of Phil's favorite themes, that of human transformation.  Some are science fiction, some are fantasy, some are horror, but I think they all turned out pretty good and should be interesting for people to read.  And I know some people are wonder:  No, these won't be erotica books, though a few of the stories are definitely 'R'-rated because of adult themes, violence, or explicit imagery.

The good news for me is that the stories are already written, though they will have to be reworked to make them presentable for publication (writing for a single client and writing for a general audience tends to have different demands.)  Also, the cover art is also mostly done, thanks to commission Phil had done, so I also don't have to worry about completing a cover from scratch for each one.  This should speed the process along for each of the books, so you'll likely see these sooner rather than later.   There will be some delays in some other projects, such as THE BUSTY ORC's CURSE, but hopefully not by too much.

Stay tuned!

Friday, December 29, 2017

Great Anime And Cartoons To Watch

It's no secret that I recently had to deal with some major medical problems, and during my convalescence I took it easy, only lightly doing work and spending way more time than I should have watching and binging various cartoons and anime (I am a HUGE animation buff, btw).  I thought I'd share the best of what I saw.  So if you're looking for things to watch, I can't recommend highly enough the following shows and movies.

Everything on this list ranges from darn good to excellent, and is definitely worth watching, But by far and away the very pinnacle of the things I've seen recently is Pixar's Coco.  There are plenty of critics who have been gushing about this film, and all of it is rightfully deserved.  Great characters, a compelling story, gorgeously lush animation and designs and colors, and emotional scenes that could wring tears from lifeless statues.


I didn't even know this 26-episode series ever existed.  It's a French/Japanese co-production that aired in the US back in 2006 on Toon Disney.  I was honestly surprised at how good this series turned out to be, having been alerted to it by youtube reviewer Rob The Wonderful.  In 2082 AD, an interstellar war threatening to destroy Earth is halted as a cosmic being called the Avatar (no, not THAT Avatar ...and not that one either) who imposes a temporary truce and invites all civilizations in the galaxy to participate in the Great Race of Oban, with the winner being rewarded any one wish they could imagine.  There are agendas and secrets aplenty among the many competitors, including the Avatar himself, as the fate of Earth and the galaxy itself rests with a single young woman called Molly who stowed away to Oban just to confront her deadbeat dad.

This has surprisingly good characters and a deep and somewhat dark story, and there's some genuinely good action and drama among all the spectacle.  France has really been putting out some great animation in the past decade or so, and this feels like another hidden French animated treasure (hidden in the US, anyway) similarly to Wakfu, Dofus, and Les Kassos, to name a few.


Currently available on Netflix, this is a 13-episode Mexican production originally called Las Leyendas and another show I got turned on to through Rob The Wonderful's reviews.  In the late 19th a boy named Leo in a small mexican town can see and talk to ghosts.  When his town is literally stolen away by the mad god Quetzalcoatl, he sets off on a quest around the world to find the means to defeat Quetzelcoatl and get his friends and family back, aided by two ghosts (one of a cowardly conquistador and another of a teen-age girl) and an Alebrije (one of those colorful animal spirit-guides you might have seen in Coco.)

This one is not that deep, but it is very imaginative (even if it does play very fast and loose with the various mythical world 'legends' they encounter) with interesting characters and a story that kept me tuning in (especially the big reveal about Teadora, the teen-age girl ghost) and it does get a little dark in places.  It's not perfect though--I think the first two episode kind of drag a bit, there is a little too much goofiness in some places, and it takes a while to really understand what's going on--but there's enough good stuff to keep it interesting and compelling.


A 12-episode anime that just wrapped up, this actually turned out to be an amazing little experience completely unlike any show I've ever watched.  Two teen-age girls, who may or may not be the last humans alive, wander a post-apocalypse snowy wasteland, trying to survive.  That's pretty much the entire plot.  But the way it's done is surprisingly deep and meditative and emotional and funny all at the same time.  Their cute character designs 
and playful interactions contrast immensely with the harsh and very depressing landscape they are constantly surrounded by, and they often deal with existential questions in a very innocent yet compelling way.  It's actually really hard to describe accurately, but it's definitely one of the best anime series of the past few years.


Another 24-episode anime that's still ongoing (at least for the english dub which I watch.) This is a visually gorgeous production steeped in a rich fantasy world.  An abandoned young woman named Chise is talked out of committing suicide so she could be sold into slavery--and is bought for an insane price by an ancient wizard cloaked in an animal-skull mask.  It turns out she's a sleigh beggy (I have no idea if that's spelled right), a rare person who can naturally draw upon immense magical energy.  The mage informs her that as she's now his property, he intends to make her his apprentice... and eventually, his bride.

This series is an animation fan's wet dream, given how just about every scene is a sumptuous feast for the eyes in terms of design and color and top-notch animation.  The magical world Chise finds herself in is steeped in western european folklore, all rendered beautifully and with great imagination, with secrets and wonder aplenty.  And oh yeah, there's some good story and characters as well.  Definitely a must-see if you like anime, fantasy, or both.

This is the most recent series I picked up.  It originally aired back 2013 I think, but the english dub is only coming out now so that's what I've been catching.  There's been a bunch of different incarnations of this show going back decades.  I remember watching the original english dub (which renamed it Starblazers) as a kid back in 1980, and it's kind of awesome seeing this remake.  Not only for nostalgia's sake, but it's amazingly well done as well, superior to the original series, which was already quite good i its ow right.  The battle around Pluto in episodes 5-6 is the first time I got excited watching a  space battle in years.  I think it runs 26 episodes and is only on episode 9 as of this writing, so I'll be watching this one for months yet.

- - -

And that's it.  I did watch some crappy things, some just okay things, but this was the stuff that made me keep coming back.  If you watch them I hope you enjoy them too!