Friday, February 24, 2017

Upcoming Projects: War Dragons, Lusty Apprentices, and More

Just an quick update on upcoming projects.

First up will likely be THE WAR DRAGON'S MATE, a modern fantasy erotica tale about an introverted human woman who helps a broken dragon gladiator fighting in underground clubs and becomes far more involved than she ever thought. This will be my first attempt at trying a more female-oriented erotic romance story. Will take place in the same world as HOT DRAGON GIRLS, HOT DINO GIRLS, and ICE AGE HEAT, though the dragons will be from a different alternate earth than the one from the previous books.

Also already started is THE LUSTY APPRENTICE (working title), a brand new erotic fantasy tale set on Ximeneswhich is an idea I've had floating around in my head for over a decade now. Two apprentice sorceresses summon a magical empathic watersprite and have to tend to it while their mistress is away. But what happens when the naive but powerful little sprite learns of unrequited romantic feelings between her two caretakers? Many naughty hi-jinks ensue.

Also in the pipeline: HOT PIRATE GIRLS , set in the 17th Century Caribbean. A young adventurer makes an ill-advised deal with a bored demon to alter his doomed fate... only to find himself transformed into a strapping young woman! Can he still survive, much less succeed in his dreams of fame and fortune, as he has to faces pirates, slavers, supernatural forces, and the sexual awakening of his brand new body?

I haven't forgotten the various series I'm still working on, but I just spent most of last year doing almost nothing but sequels, so I need to get some original content out of my system.  But once that's done, expect DEEP DELVE, the sixth book in the FANTASY ENVOY EROTICA series, THE COLLECTED HOT DRAGON GIRLS VOL. 2 with a  brand new short story, and HOT GOBLIN GIRLS 4, which will focus very heavily on the relationship between Hemlock and Black Ember

I'm also planning on doing a speculative science book on Orbital Travel, another on Deep Space Exploration, and maybe even a role-playing game project or two in the next half year.

- - -

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Monday, February 6, 2017

THE VIRGIN ORC'S FIRST KISS formatting error (And correction!)

I just published my newest fantasy erotica ebook, THE VIRGIN ORC'S FIRST KISS.

However, an early upload of the book had a formatting error that swapped a bunch of periods in the text for commas. The problem has been corrected on Smashwords and is in the process of being corrected on Amazon (may take up to a day to process--should be completed 2/7/17.) If you downloaded this earlier flawed version, just re-download it again from the source for the corrected version. Apologies for that!