Sunday, August 27, 2017

Art Commissions Re-Opened!

If you like the art I do for my various book covers, now's the time to hire me to create some for yourself!  I am now available on a freelance basis to book covers, digital paintings, and other artwork for various paying clients!

Just want to stress up front that this is for ART commissions only.  I am still closed to writing commissions for the foreseeable future.  And no, I don't know when or if that will change.  Sorry!

These are Digital Artwork ONLY at this time as well.  No natural media on paper for the foreseeable future.


-- Rough single character Sketch: $15
-- Refined single character Inks: $25
-- Single Character Flat Colors: $35
-- Cel Shading/Coloring : N/A at this time
-- Multiple-Panel Comic Pages: N/A at this time
-- Hi res single character Digital Painting: $80+
-- Book Cover(Can include up to 2-3 chars + detailed background + Text): $200+

-- Add additional characters, Add detailed background, Add complex character action/interaction (such as fighting/sex/dancing/etc), Add Alternate versions (such as clothed/nude):  Negotiable, but each option can add 50% to 200%+ onto the base price.

-- Contact:

For full details, follow the link below:

The guidelines are there in case of the rare event of a misunderstanding.  Really, it's just as simple as contacting me and us casually working out the details.

If you're an older client of mine, please note some things may have changed to keep up with various necessities and expenses.  Prices by necessity have had to go up for high-end works, for example, and I'm also ending no-show provisions.

Tuesday, August 1, 2017

So Who Wants To See a HOT DINO GIRLS 4?

I was working on the bonus short story intended for The Collected Hot Dino Girls.  However, what I intended to be a short 3000 word story balloon to over 7000 words in the course of writing it.
I was thinking that was a lot for what was just supposed to be a little bonus tale.  Then I got to thinking about the other short story ideas I had for the collection I didn't go with, and wondering if I did them all if it would be enough to fill out a whole book to make a $2.99 purchase price worth it.  And I think they will.
So if I do a Volume 4, it will essentially be an anthology of four short stories.  Two of them will be set between Books 2 and 3, and the other two will take place after Book 3.   So that little bit I had at the end of the last book about that probably being the last story chronologically involving those characters, just ignore.  I honestly thought at the time I wouldn't be able to think of more erotica stories worth reading for them, but apparently I was wrong.
I will probably use a modified version of this artwork for the cover:
So is HOT DINO GIRLS 4 something you guys would like to see?