Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Upcoming Projects - Late May 2016

Juts a quick little round up of the various writing projects I'm working on as of mid-May 2016,


Is in rewrites, and the cover art is being produced.  I hope to have it out by the end of May or early June 2016.

The quartet of main characters celebrate Mardi Gras in their college town with a night on the town at a new offworlder-friendly nightclub.  However, after the heartbreak and splintering six months before, will they be able to find reconciliation among all the naught rendezvous and sexy shenanigans?


Is in first draft.  I would like to have it done by late June or early July 2016.

The quartet of horny goblin women and their human companion Joren are adjusting to their new lives as caravan guards.  The lonely and love-spurned Stiletto begins seeing Joren as much more than just an occasional fun lay, much to the chagrin of his notoriously jealous wife Vexation.  Tensions rise among the steamy sexual encounters even as the caravan faces an unexpected threat.


Outlined.  Should be done by the end of summer 2016 or thereabouts.

Human herdmaster Mike Ardavan and his trio of sexy Dino girls follow up on a legend of an ancient ruin that may hold an amazing secret that will affect all their lives.


Will collect the first three volumes of the Hot Dragon Girls books with a new cover and some new background material.  Hopefully will be done by the end of summer 2016


Will.collect the first four books of the Fantasy Envoy Erotica series, which are THE CLERIC'S FAREWELL, THE MAD KING'S ROAD, THE ELF WIFE, and A NIGHT AT THE DEBAUCHERY.  Will have a brand new cover and bonus mateiral.  Also should done by the end of 2016.


Of course there's many other projects in various stages of planning, but these are the ones that are near-term with endpoints in sight.  In the future will be books like HOT PIRATE GIRLS (an erotic supernatural history tale set in the 1600s,) DEEP DELVE ( a new Fantasy Envoy book, where Tobias is trapped in ancient ruins with an Orc girl and Centaur sorceress,) HOT DRAGON GIRLS 6 (The steamy conclusion to the series,) plus more.

If there's anything readers would like to see, just leave a comment and let me know!

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Wednesday, May 4, 2016

100 POTIONS Published plus my new PATREON PAGE!

Yes, this is a new blog, focusing on my writing work.

Just recently live is my new erotica fantasy ebook, 100 POTIONS.  It is the 5th book of the FANTASY ENVOY series of erotic adventures, following the journey of Tobias of Winterbourne as he travels to many far-off lands and magical worlds acting as envoy and ambassador for his king.

In 100 POTIONS,  the Envoy makes his way to a colony of Animisians, people altered by magic since birth to resemble various totem animals. A powerful Baron threatens to cruelly enslave Dusty, a skilled alchemist, if she does not manufacture 100 rare fertility potions for him within one hundred days. Dusty forms a desperate alliance with Tobias and a body slave named Desini to create the potions, leading to many unexpected sensual delights amidst all the mad alchemy.

But can this unlikely trio of chance lovers succeed against the Baron's treachery?

I very reluctant had to charge slightly more for this book than for other installments in the series, simply from it being longer (35k words compared to the 25k words average for my erotica ebooks) and requiring significantly more work.  I would have preferred to keep the price lower, but given my current state of near-poverty I also can't sell myself short for all the effort that goes into these books.  I hope this doesn't put too many people off and that you enjoy the book regardless.

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