Tuesday, November 15, 2016

UPCOMING PROJECTS as of 11-14-16

Just a quick rundown of what to expect form me in the near future.

First up hopefully in the next week or so will be THE COLLECTED FANTASY ENVOY EROTICA VOLUME 1, which will collects the first four Fantasy Envoy books.  This includes THE CLERIC'S FAREWELL, THE MAD KING'S ROAD, THE ELF WIFE, and A NIGHT AT THE DEBAUCHERY.

The collection will also include a NEW bonus short story, "Distraction Tactics," which chronicles Tobias as a young man meeting Safiya for the very first time in an unexpected yet very sexy way.

After that, HOT DRAGON GIRLS 6 should be on its way sometime in December. This will conclude the series, as among various sexual hijinks, the girls scramble to find a way to stay on Earth after the bombshell fo the previous book.

After that will be two new projects not connected to any series:  HOT PIRATE GIRLS, featuring a lot of sex, high adventure, and supernatural mystery in the 17th Century Caribbean. 

After that will be HOT DRAGON MALES, my take at a more female-oriented sexual fantasy tale.

Tentatively on the slate beyond that is DEEP DELVE, the sixth Fantasy Envoy book, and HOT GOBLIN GIRLS 4.

I also want to keep producing more artwork too, so keep an eye out on both my PATREON PAGE as well as my various pages on DeviantArt, Fur Affinity, Weasyl, and elsewhere for that!

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