Tuesday, August 1, 2017

So Who Wants To See a HOT DINO GIRLS 4?

I was working on the bonus short story intended for The Collected Hot Dino Girls.  However, what I intended to be a short 3000 word story balloon to over 7000 words in the course of writing it.
I was thinking that was a lot for what was just supposed to be a little bonus tale.  Then I got to thinking about the other short story ideas I had for the collection I didn't go with, and wondering if I did them all if it would be enough to fill out a whole book to make a $2.99 purchase price worth it.  And I think they will.
So if I do a Volume 4, it will essentially be an anthology of four short stories.  Two of them will be set between Books 2 and 3, and the other two will take place after Book 3.   So that little bit I had at the end of the last book about that probably being the last story chronologically involving those characters, just ignore.  I honestly thought at the time I wouldn't be able to think of more erotica stories worth reading for them, but apparently I was wrong.
I will probably use a modified version of this artwork for the cover:
So is HOT DINO GIRLS 4 something you guys would like to see?

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